The End.   Leave a comment

We’re finally here.  It’s time.  And you’re going to guide me to where I need to go.

Watch what I’ve already found.  Then decide where I will go.  Our fate is up to you.  This is the end of the H20 Team.  Thanks for your support, and perhaps we’ll see you around.

Yours forever,

Justin McFly


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The Final Day   2 comments

This is it.  In a matter of hours,  I will be traveling to find Connor.  I can only hope we’ve made the right choice.

As we draw nearer to the time tonight, I will create a mobile post with the information of my traveling.  Then, it will be up to you to guide me to the right location.

I’m not sure what will happen.  But to those who have remained loyal to the H20 Team, thank you.  We must always remember that this is our water, and our planet.  It’s up to us to make sure that we care for it.  We need to make sure our voices our heard, for large, corrupt corporations like Aguatero Industries will always take profit over environmental stewardship.

I’ve got to go make sure I have everything together.  The mobile post I make tonight will be the last, no matter the outcome.

Connor would be so proud to see how far this group has gone for all that is good.

With compassion,

Justin McFly

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Mapping Our Clues; Making the Decision   3 comments

48 hours.  That’s all the time we have left to find Connor.

I haven’t gotten a wink of sleep the past few nights as I’ve combed through the clues Lucinda has left us.  I’ve ended up with two possible locations where Connor could be found–just like Lucinda said.

The clues we had:

“I”–found in the memo.  I’m still not sure what this means.

“bridge”–one of Lucinda’s drawings in the reflection

“Mississippi”–hidden in Lucinda’s drawing

“memorial”–spelled out with the Aguatero Smiles campaign

“L&D”–short for Lock and Dam

“15”–a specific Lock and Dam mentioned in Lucinda’s message for me

“parks”–mentioned in Lucinda’s message

“Davenport”–found through a zip code mentioned in another call received from Aguatero Industries.  This could mean specifically in the city Davenport, or nearby in Iowa, or even a name for something else.

I combined all of the clues to the best of my ability and found two possible locations for Connor Arter.  Click on the markers on the map to see the reasoning behind each.

So, we now have two choices.  It’s up to you where I decide to go… Lucinda said this would be up to chance, and it really is.

Discuss with others where you believe Connor to be in comments on this post.  When you feel you have made the right choice, vote in the poll below.

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We’re getting close.   4 comments

With each moment that passes, we get closer to finding Connor.  After arriving at, those who contributed their photos then found themselves at this site, as part of a propaganda move making themselves try to look good in the public eye.  But we know the truth.

Hidden in the edited photos were letters leading us to this part of Aguatero’s website, where we learn that Lucinda Rodriguez may have serious emotional troubles.

Yesterday, I received a phone call from Aguatero Industries with a strange message.  What’s strange about it is the “message” code at the end, which I believe must lead somewhere.  I also believe it will bring us as close to Connor as we’re going to get.  Did anyone else receive phone calls?  If so, what did your message say?  If we combine all of our information now, we may be able to find where Connor Arter will be.

We must work together now to put everything together.  This is it.  Comment below so we can find the choice we have to make. It’s time to stop Lucinda Rodriguez and Aguatero Industries once and for all.

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Dots… Connected   Leave a comment

I’ve finally got it.  After a long period of work, I’ve been able to decipher the indecipherable dots by connecting them.

Now, I then took this and attached it to Aguatero’s URL and found two interesting documents.  One in particular seems to shed light on Connor’s location with indirect clues.  I don’t think Lucinda’s drawing is just for show–it must be trying to tell us something.

But one of our operatives, Liave, was able to find a written clue in the .pdf there.  It says “2320 miles” in the picture, which is the length of the longest river in the United States: the Mississippi.  Connor loved to walk along the river and even sometimes boat in it.  According to Liave, this led to this page on Aguatero’s site.  From there, I’m not sure what happens.  Does anyone who sent in their picture know?

Now that the clues are starting to pile up, we need to make a list of important details that could help us find Connor.  What have we found in the documents?  Even the smallest details could help us in the end.  For example, the first document had a capital “I” at the bottom.  While it may appear insignificant now, in combination with other clues, it could help us reveal the location and save Connor.

We’ve got to keep working, because the more we get done, the more I believe Lucinda will give us.  She doesn’t believe we’ll find Connor.  I believe we will.

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Following the Tracks   Leave a comment

So, here we are.  I’ve been able to do some work myself, and with help from some H20 Team Members, we’ve made some significant progress in finding where Connor Arter will be.

After discovering hidden text on a page with Connor Arter’s countdown clock (which now reflects that we have only seven days to figure out Lucinda’s puzzles), we were led to a .pdf document.  aguatero.memo6182010

The dots on this puzzle were difficult to decipher.  But knowing Lucinda was asking us to “make the connection,” I turned the paper sideways and began to connect the dots.  It turns out the dots began to form letters.   I’ve only gotten a few letters down, but I know the H20 Team will be able to help with the rest.

There’s also a capital letter “I” at the bottom of the document.  I believe this is a clue to the location of Connor Arter, perhaps separate from the dots.

We’ve got to keep working on this challenge, because it will be difficult for us to move forward without it!

I’ll keep working.  If you make any discoveries, please comment!  We need as many people working on this together as possible.

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Where is Connor Arter?   4 comments

That’s the message I received from Lucinda Rodriguez… and I heard it loud and clear.  It seems like Lucinda wants to test the H20 Team to see how dedicated they really are to Connor.  We have to locate where he will be at approximately July 10th at 8pm, according to this countdown clock.

Will we be able to do it?  I hope so.  We need to do it.  I need to do it.  I can’t lose Justin like I lost Jamie.  I can’t go through something like that again.

But I know it will be challenging.  Lucinda loves to play sadistic games with us.  One of her games early on challenged my life.  I managed to escape.  But this game is much larger and involves this entire group.

Five of our members were contacted by Lucinda Rodriguez and asked to make a choice: to stop searching for Connor and go back to the way things were, or to continue fighting against Aguatero and searching for Connor Arter.  Four of the five chose us.  One chose Aguatero.

That one person reduced our chances of finding Connor by reducing the amount of time we have to find him by approximately 24 hours.  Our time is short.  And there is someone out there to deceive us.  But if we work cohesively, we’ll be able to rescue Connor and bring an end to Aguatero Industries.

Comment on this post and show us you’re here to fight to the end.  Tell us what new leads you’ve found and the potential places Connor could end up.  We can’t give up now.

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