My Research Continues–Major Find!   4 comments

I’ve been making frequent trips to the library to try to find information about Aguatero Industries.  On this trip, I found something pretty disturbing.

It’s an article about Aguatero Industries that had been really obscured.  The microfilm containing the article had either been misfomatted or damaged during its time.  I’ve been sitting at this damn microfilm machine for a long time now trying to scan what I can into the computer.  I’ve located most of the fragments of the story, but I’m spent.  I need your help to put the pieces back together.

(I think I’m going to go take a nap.  The musty smell of the library gets to you…)


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4 responses to “My Research Continues–Major Find!

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  1. The article is about president (or maybe vice) of environmental and community affairs who died at a treatment plant and the police believe there was not foul play and the poor guy was not aware of his surroundings bla bla bla and Amanda Rodriguez is sad and thinking about the victims family.

    I am using a boosted flickr account to post the image

  2. I think I’ve managed to figure out most of what the article says. Here’s what I’ve been able to make out:

    – Mississippi –
    August 14/19 2009
    Aguatero Worker Killed
    Early last night the president for environmental and community affairs of Aguatero Industries was found dead in a water treatment plant near the Mississippi River.
    Police continue to investigate the incident but believe no foul play was involved
    “It appears that around all this large and heavy machinery the victim was simply not aware of his surroundings” said Police Commissioner Marshall
    “The deceased appears to have suffered a great deal of trauma.”
    The cause of death has not yet been determined.
    Linda(?) Rodriguez, the president and CEO of Aguatero Industries expressed sadness in a written statement today
    “All of us are mourning the loss of our fellow colleague. We regret that our machinery may have caused his death and will be conducting an internal investigation of our own. For now our thoughts are with the victim’s family.”

  3. Linda(?) Rodriguez = Lucinda Rodriguez

  4. Right, it’s Lucinda, not Linda… my bad.
    But still, this article reeks of foul play if you ask me. I want to know why the former president of environmental and community affairs ended up dead.

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