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One of Aguatero’s insiders is onto us… and more specifically, our way into Aguatero.

From what I know, he’s long detested the way Aguatero runs its business. He knows the troubles there and wants to leave, but can’t. Hardly anyone can. And when you get too close to the truth? You’re in for it.

They know no boundaries. And Justin McFly is a true friend and supporter. He really hopes to finally be able to remedy the situation and escape from his awful life in a cubicle, chez Aguatero. He knows quite a bit about that company… more than Lucinda Rodriguez would ever want him to know.

We’ve known each other for awhile. Four years, maybe? He was finishing up his degree around the same time I was. But now that he’s been swallowed up by the watersellers, it’s hard to ever see him. He’s stressed, but he’s trying to do all he can to amass enough evidence against Aguatero to change. I really respect him.  He’s putting his life at risk to try to help save the environment… and us, possibly. He’s honest, brave, and true.

I have to try to prevent anything bad from happening.  There’s no use in trying to hide him anymore… I know Lucinda knows about Justin.  I’m going to work on covering his tracks and keeping him safe.

I’ll keep you posted.


Posted June 1, 2010 by Connor Arter in Uncategorized

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