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As our operatives are continuing to work on discovering Aguatero’s secrets, I thought I’d share some of what we’ve already found.

It doesn’t look good.  Corruption and betrayal at Aguatero seems to run even deeper than we first thought.  I’m working on digitally enhancing the images, but here is just a taste of what we’ve already found.

One of our operatives received a piece of mail from Justin McFly yesterday.

It contained information about Aguatero's secrets.

The envelope contained many pieces of ripped paper, seemingly from a journal of some sort.

Some of the pieces were put together to find entire entries. Others still lack pieces, which other operatives must have.

We've found disturbing evidence that Aguatero Industries may actually be doing worse things than we feared. We're continuing to work and will update as soon as we discover more.


Posted June 9, 2010 by Connor Arter in Uncategorized

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