Where is Connor Arter?   4 comments

That’s the message I received from Lucinda Rodriguez… and I heard it loud and clear.  It seems like Lucinda wants to test the H20 Team to see how dedicated they really are to Connor.  We have to locate where he will be at approximately July 10th at 8pm, according to this countdown clock.

Will we be able to do it?  I hope so.  We need to do it.  I need to do it.  I can’t lose Justin like I lost Jamie.  I can’t go through something like that again.

But I know it will be challenging.  Lucinda loves to play sadistic games with us.  One of her games early on challenged my life.  I managed to escape.  But this game is much larger and involves this entire group.

Five of our members were contacted by Lucinda Rodriguez and asked to make a choice: to stop searching for Connor and go back to the way things were, or to continue fighting against Aguatero and searching for Connor Arter.  Four of the five chose us.  One chose Aguatero.

That one person reduced our chances of finding Connor by reducing the amount of time we have to find him by approximately 24 hours.  Our time is short.  And there is someone out there to deceive us.  But if we work cohesively, we’ll be able to rescue Connor and bring an end to Aguatero Industries.

Comment on this post and show us you’re here to fight to the end.  Tell us what new leads you’ve found and the potential places Connor could end up.  We can’t give up now.


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4 responses to “Where is Connor Arter?

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  1. We found a memo dated June 18 from Lucinda to her staff of scientists. Apparently they are using Connor as well as some others as test subjects!


  2. i think i must have missed something… I have reviewed all the sites and information. I really haven’t got a clue where I should even be looking… Is the map a source of potential info? Anybody else got any ideas?

  3. i saw some letters embedded in the picture that was sent directly via email… was anyone able to make that out?

  4. I’m here until the end, despite Lucinda’s threats, but I’m struggling to make the connection Lucinda talked about. I know it has something to do with the memo we found on the timer page, but even with Lucinda’s hint about ‘one turn counter-clockwise, I’m stuck. But I’ll keep working on it…
    We do, however, know that Connor is probably somewhere along the Mississippi River (http://aguateroindustries.com/mississippi/)

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