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So, here we are.  I’ve been able to do some work myself, and with help from some H20 Team Members, we’ve made some significant progress in finding where Connor Arter will be.

After discovering hidden text on a page with Connor Arter’s countdown clock (which now reflects that we have only seven days to figure out Lucinda’s puzzles), we were led to a .pdf document.  aguatero.memo6182010

The dots on this puzzle were difficult to decipher.  But knowing Lucinda was asking us to “make the connection,” I turned the paper sideways and began to connect the dots.  It turns out the dots began to form letters.   I’ve only gotten a few letters down, but I know the H20 Team will be able to help with the rest.

There’s also a capital letter “I” at the bottom of the document.  I believe this is a clue to the location of Connor Arter, perhaps separate from the dots.

We’ve got to keep working on this challenge, because it will be difficult for us to move forward without it!

I’ll keep working.  If you make any discoveries, please comment!  We need as many people working on this together as possible.


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