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I’ve finally got it.  After a long period of work, I’ve been able to decipher the indecipherable dots by connecting them.

Now, I then took this and attached it to Aguatero’s URL and found two interesting documents.  One in particular seems to shed light on Connor’s location with indirect clues.  I don’t think Lucinda’s drawing is just for show–it must be trying to tell us something.

But one of our operatives, Liave, was able to find a written clue in the .pdf there.  It says “2320 miles” in the picture, which is the length of the longest river in the United States: the Mississippi.  Connor loved to walk along the river and even sometimes boat in it.  According to Liave, this led to this page on Aguatero’s site.  From there, I’m not sure what happens.  Does anyone who sent in their picture know?

Now that the clues are starting to pile up, we need to make a list of important details that could help us find Connor.  What have we found in the documents?  Even the smallest details could help us in the end.  For example, the first document had a capital “I” at the bottom.  While it may appear insignificant now, in combination with other clues, it could help us reveal the location and save Connor.

We’ve got to keep working, because the more we get done, the more I believe Lucinda will give us.  She doesn’t believe we’ll find Connor.  I believe we will.


Posted July 4, 2010 by Connor Arter in Uncategorized

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