We’re getting close.   4 comments

With each moment that passes, we get closer to finding Connor.  After arriving at http://aguateroindustries.com/mississippi, those who contributed their photos then found themselves at this site, as part of a propaganda move making themselves try to look good in the public eye.  But we know the truth.

Hidden in the edited photos were letters leading us to this part of Aguatero’s website, where we learn that Lucinda Rodriguez may have serious emotional troubles.

Yesterday, I received a phone call from Aguatero Industries with a strange message.  What’s strange about it is the “message” code at the end, which I believe must lead somewhere.  I also believe it will bring us as close to Connor as we’re going to get.  Did anyone else receive phone calls?  If so, what did your message say?  If we combine all of our information now, we may be able to find where Connor Arter will be.

We must work together now to put everything together.  This is it.  Comment below so we can find the choice we have to make. It’s time to stop Lucinda Rodriguez and Aguatero Industries once and for all.


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4 responses to “We’re getting close.

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  1. It’s looking like Connor is in Iowa, near Davenport. The number in the message was the zip code for that city.

  2. “message L_D 15 parks”?

  3. Courknee, that could certainly be Lock and Dam! They’re common along the Mississippi…

    If we look at a map of the Mississippi and find the Locks and Dams with parks nearby, we’re sure to encounter some that match previous clues!

  4. Lock and Dam 15 seems to match up nicely– we’re investigating possible ‘park’ connections now

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