Mapping Our Clues; Making the Decision   3 comments

48 hours.  That’s all the time we have left to find Connor.

I haven’t gotten a wink of sleep the past few nights as I’ve combed through the clues Lucinda has left us.  I’ve ended up with two possible locations where Connor could be found–just like Lucinda said.

The clues we had:

“I”–found in the memo.  I’m still not sure what this means.

“bridge”–one of Lucinda’s drawings in the reflection

“Mississippi”–hidden in Lucinda’s drawing

“memorial”–spelled out with the Aguatero Smiles campaign

“L&D”–short for Lock and Dam

“15”–a specific Lock and Dam mentioned in Lucinda’s message for me

“parks”–mentioned in Lucinda’s message

“Davenport”–found through a zip code mentioned in another call received from Aguatero Industries.  This could mean specifically in the city Davenport, or nearby in Iowa, or even a name for something else.

I combined all of the clues to the best of my ability and found two possible locations for Connor Arter.  Click on the markers on the map to see the reasoning behind each.

So, we now have two choices.  It’s up to you where I decide to go… Lucinda said this would be up to chance, and it really is.

Discuss with others where you believe Connor to be in comments on this post.  When you feel you have made the right choice, vote in the poll below.


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3 responses to “Mapping Our Clues; Making the Decision

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  1. Justin, how long do you need to get to either of these locations?

  2. Not too long. I’m going to leave tomorrow night around seven to make sure I’m there in time.

  3. I believe the location is LeClaire/Bix. The Centennial Bridge is close and has a look similar to Lucinda’s drawing. It would make an ideal place for the ads Lucinda mentioned beside her drawing since Modern Woodmen Park is nearby and the traffic to the bridge increased so dramatically after they dropped the toll. Most of the clues you mention above point to LeClaire/Bix. The mysterious “I” could simply refer to the first letter of the state in which the location resides. Just my thoughts.

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