It's up to us to stop the deception and expansion.

“Water, water, everywhere/nor any drop to drink.”

An empty water bottle:

It represents something far too many people experience: a lack of water.  Our planet is just beginning to see how dire the situation may become for water resources in the future.  Americans generally don’t see the problem.  Some in South America, however, who have experienced unfair selling and management of water, know it all too well.  The same goes for some in Africa who must walk miles to obtain a small amount of potable water to subsist.

Here in the United States, we take water for granted.  Though we have clean, safe, sanitary, and affordable water piped throughout the country, some opt to buy bottled water instead.  Think of all the waste created when you can receive the exact same product that is packaged heavily and transported thousands of miles through a tap.

Wasteful practices using water threaten our very way of life.  Communities such as Las Vegas may soon shrivel as water resources become nearly impossible to obtain.

Aguatero Industries would like to tell you that they are responsible consumers and vendors of water, but that could not be more false.  Though their bottles and website may look pretty, beneath the facade, there is serious corruption at work.

Beware Aguatero’s expansion.  To all those living in the Southwest, be careful.  Agautero’s slick operations could change your life forever–and make you flounder.

Join us in our fight for water conservation and responsible management of resources, because we’re in the lull before the rainstorm.

And please keep or recycle that bottle I sent.


Posted May 8, 2010 by Connor Arter

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