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We’ve cracked it.

At, we were instructed in the video to tell what we saw.  Well, what did we see?

It was almost too obvious: a drip of water and a sewer.  Combine them, and we got the password dripsewer.

Going there shows a countdown clock.  Its heading reads “the fate of Connor Arter.”  We have about two weeks to figure everything out and make our move.  We’ll have to hurry.


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Following Lucinda’s Footsteps   1 comment

I’ve done some work with the video.  Towards the end of the video, I noticed a frame was somewhat different.  I paused and saw the writing:

The video paused at 1:42

I zoomed in and saw it:

a faint backslash followed by "daysarenumbered"

So we’ve found the “key.”  When attached to, it leads us to a password protected page.

The second part of the clue says, “you’ll need to find that and then enter what you’ve just seen.”  What have we just seen?  And could it be a combination of two things?  I think the tags on the video could help us.

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Development: Lucinda Rodriguez’s ‘Game’   1 comment

I received this in my e-mail late last night.

I’ll bet you’re looking for Connor Arter right now.

Find me on YouTube.  From there, you’ll see just how desperate the situation is becoming.  I doubt you’ll be able to follow my small clues… you were stupid enough to join this godforsaken group.  I guess we’ll see.  And if you’re good enough, Connor will see you too.


When I went to YouTube, I found this video.  It’s definitely Connor’s voice.  But reading the description and tags of it is interesting and potentially helpful.

The first key hides within this video. You’ll need to find that and then enter what you’ve just seen.

  • Connor
  • Arter
  • Death
  • Sewer
  • Water
  • Aguatero
  • Industries
  • Drip
  • Failure
  • Depression
  • Sadness
  • Sentimentality
  • Fool

What hides in the video? I’m not sure. But we’d better find out before it’s too late.

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Project Truth Complete   Leave a comment

Our operatives have finished the puzzle.  The truth is finally readily visible, and we’re ready to take down Aguatero Industries.

We want you to join us as we present our findings.  On Thursday, June 17, 2010 at 9pm central standard time, we will be holding a public presentation of what we’ve found.  We’ll be discussing both previously released and newly discovered content that will surely ignite the fight against Aguatero Industries.

We’ll be hosting this presentation on Google Docs.  The night of the presentation, check back here for the link to enter the presentation and additional details.  It’s really easy to access, so don’t worry!  You’ll just have to click on a link or two to enter the presentation.

I hope to see you at the presentation.  If you can’t make it, don’t worry–it will be made publicly available afterward.

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Discovery   Leave a comment

As our operatives are continuing to work on discovering Aguatero’s secrets, I thought I’d share some of what we’ve already found.

It doesn’t look good.  Corruption and betrayal at Aguatero seems to run even deeper than we first thought.  I’m working on digitally enhancing the images, but here is just a taste of what we’ve already found.

One of our operatives received a piece of mail from Justin McFly yesterday.

It contained information about Aguatero's secrets.

The envelope contained many pieces of ripped paper, seemingly from a journal of some sort.

Some of the pieces were put together to find entire entries. Others still lack pieces, which other operatives must have.

We've found disturbing evidence that Aguatero Industries may actually be doing worse things than we feared. We're continuing to work and will update as soon as we discover more.

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Fiji Water: Not as green as you’d think   Leave a comment

I’m sure you’ve seen the overpriced bottles in hotels and supermarkets.  What is its true cost?  Freedom for an entire nation.

Nowhere in Fiji Water’s glossy marketing materials will you find reference to the typhoid outbreaks that plague Fijians because of the island’s faulty water supplies; the corporate entities that Fiji Water has—despite the owners’ talk of financial transparency—set up in tax havens like the Cayman Islands and Luxembourg; or the fact that its signature bottle is made from Chinese plastic in a diesel-fueled plant and hauled thousands of miles to its ecoconscious consumers. And, of course, you won’t find mention of the military junta for which Fiji Water is a major source of global recognition and legitimacy. (Gilmour has described the square bottles as “little ambassadors” for the poverty-stricken nation.)

“We are Fiji,” declare Fiji Water posters across the island, and the slogan is almost eerily accurate: The reality of Fiji, the country, has been eclipsed by the glistening brand of Fiji, the water.

Just as Aguatero exploits its resources and consumers, Fiji Water destroys nature and even human lives.  It’s privatized, nonsensical imperialism, plain and simple.  Finding the truth often requires major risks to one’s comfort, as this article reveals.

I’m continuing to try to get our fight back on track after our little scare today and yesterday… will try to update soon.

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Tell me that you’ll wait for me   Leave a comment

I’ve left.  I’m safe, along with my family.  Thanks to all of you supporters who were concerned about my well-being.  I wouldn’t be alive without you.  Keep on fighting the good fight. – Justin McFly

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